About Me


I am Jason T.  I am currently working as an internet marketer.

I happened to develop an interest on how to make a passive income online several years back ago while searching the internet to get some related information. Like most of the online marketer newbies, I did purchase a lot of training courses, software, website plugins and even  bright shiny objects although I have to admit that some of my purchases hardly worked for me. 

Like many other newbies who have either faced hardships in their new jobs or have being scammed/ conned over the purchase of promised but useless products , I was forced to adapt quickly as well as learnt from my unpleasant experiences.

My life may have changed a lot better as I get older, but for me, learning is a never-ending process as we are all students of life. Hopefully one day, I would be able to set up my very own full-time online business (so as to replace my current, dull routine 9-5 job) and gladly share with you on how I managed to achieve this so-called laptop lifestyle!   


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